Episode 041 - Wendy Addison (Whistleblowing)


Wendy Addison is one of the leading voices in the whistleblowing movement which has been gaining momentum and much media coverage in recent years. I first met Wendy back in May at the Hero Roundtable conference in London where she stunned the audience by relating her 11 year personal battle against corporate corruption and its impact on her life. Those experiences led her to advocate for all those who are prepared to ‘speak out’ and ‘speak up’ rather than cower in the face of powerful organisations who think that they can break the rules with impunity. Wendy is an inspiration and an authority on just what it takes to do the right thing, rather than the easy thing - a tenant which is central to the hero’s path.


To find out more about Wendy's work, you can head over to her website which you can find here

Andy Fisher