Episode 043 - Andrew Marr


Andrew Marr is a retired Special Forces Green Beret with multiple combat deployments. He is the author of an excellent memoire entitled ‘Tales from the Blast Factory’ in which he narrates the consequences of having suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury while on active duty.

Andrew tells of how this so called ‘silent injury’ turned his and his family’s lives  upside down, the struggle he had to secure acknowledgement and treatment for his condition and what ultimately led him to set up a non-profit foundation called ‘Warrior Angels’, providing support to servicemen and women facing a similar struggle on their return home.


To find out more about Andrew Marr's non-profit foundation, offering support and treatment to those servicemen and women suffering from TBIs, please head here.

I would strongly recommend that you also pick up a copy of Andrew's memoir of his remarkable journey - 'Tales From the Blast Factory' which you'll find on Amazon.com here and at Amazon UK here.

Andy Fisher