Episode 045 - Self Protection 101


Self Protection 101 - in this final podcast of 2017, co-host Dan Edwardes (CEO Parkour Generations) and I offer an overview of what we think a foundation of self-protection training ought to include. With more than a half century of combative experience of one kind or another between us, we are often asked by our friends and students, some of the following questions:

  • What is the best martial art to study?
  • How long does it take to become proficient in self defence?
  • Should I carry a weapon to defend myself?
  • What does it take to survive a street fight?

Well, in this podcast we do our best to answer these and more!


To pick up a copy of Gavin De Becker's classic book on situational awareness and intuition, as it relates to self protection, head here for Amazon.com and here for those of you in the UK.

For more details on the work of Richard Dimitri, creator of 'The Shredder' and founder of Senshido, head here.

The gritty, real-world combatives instruction offered by Tim Larkin can be accessed here.

Defence Lab, the system Dan mentions during the podcast, can be found here.

Another UK based instructor I really rate is Lee Morrison whose training system 'Urban Combatives' may be found here.

The training knife I mentioned with light and audio cues for contact 'cuts' is called the Mimic T-16 by Aku-Strike and you can find that here.


Andy Fisher