Episode 002 - Matt Langdon

In this episode we chat with Matt Langdon, creator of the Hero Construction Company and founder of the Hero Roundtable conference.


Philip Zimbardo's essay on 'The banality of heroism' which Matt referred to can be read here.

'The Hero Imagination Project', Philip Zimbardo's project for encouraging people to grow into their heroic potential, can be found here.

The 'Pop Culture Heroic Coalition' works to educate and support children, teens and adults to overcome bullying and social injustice, and to transform their struggles into strengths, using stories and characters from pop culture TV, film, and comics. You'll find them here.

The mission of the 'Giraffe Heroes' Project is to move people to stick their necks out for the common good, and to give them tools to succeed. They are here.

The 'Hero Construction Company', Matt's non-profit organizationprovides transformative, cutting-edge training to help people from all walks of life become heroes. You'll find it here.

'The Hero Roundtable' is the TED Talks of heroic service - if you are hoping to attend the London conference in May, or just learn more about their work, you can find them here.

'Dan Edwardes', the founder of Parkour Generations, has been a key figure in promoting the importance of movement skills for everyday hero. His personal blog is here.

'Parkour Generations', the world's leading provider of parkour training, are waiting to help you refine your own movement skills here.

'Moral Heroes' has a wealth of real world heroes who are celebrated here.

'A Mighty Girl' offers the world's largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls. They are here.

Chris McDougall's book 'Natural Born Heroes' may be found on his site, here.

'Heroism Science', an excellent resource for the academic study of heroism and altruism is here.

Andy Fisher