Episode 010 - Alone Through Iran: 1144 miles of trust


Kristina Paltén is a World record holding ultra-distance runner and a woman who believes in ’the beauty that happens when people authentically connect'. In October last year she decided to challenge her own prejudices about the ordinary people of Iran by running the width of the country unaided; a feat which took her 58 days. The resulting documentary, ‘Alone Through Iran: 1144 miles of trust’ is soon to be released (as of April 2017) and the trailer has already gone viral on social media with more than 16,000,000 views to date.

In this episode Kristina and I chat about the impulse that led her to undertake her remarkable journey, the resistance she met along the way, and what she in fact experienced once she was running through a land, not able to speak or read a word of Persian, and subject to the strictures of Sharia laws.


You can find a link to the website for the documentary of Kristina's journey here

Kristina's blog can be accessed here

Andy Fisher