Episode 013 - Heroism in the Digital Age

For the first time on 'The Hero Forge’ I am delighted to welcome two fascinating guests onto the same call. First we have Olivia Efthimiou who is a researcher at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Olivia has an enduring interest in the everyday heroism movement and the hunt for what she calls the ‘heroic gene’. 

My second guest is consciousness hacker, futurist, and  CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media, Dana Klisanin. Dana’s work explores how we can use information technologies and the new media to promote human wellbeing and flourishing. 



Heroism Science: Promoting the Transdisciplinary Study of Heroism in the 21st Century: A website providing a range of resources and information on the emerging field of heroism science, and dedicated to promoting the study of heroism across all disciplines.

Heroism Science: the first peer-refereed open source cross-disciplinary research journal dedicated to the study of heroism. Heroism Science aims to promote global connections in heroism science theory, research and application, and the appreciation of heroism from a broad range of disciplinary lenses, to researchers and the broader community.

Heroism Today: a blog which aims to highlight innovative efforts to promote heroism education, activism and engagement with heroic behaviour in 21st century societies, and personal accounts that demonstrate and inspire resilient and heroic behaviour.

Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership: the first definitive multiple disciplinary international edited volume on heroism science scholarship.

Heroic Reflections: Special Issue on heroism in popular, visual and digital cultures, and creative production, IM: Interactive Media, National Academy of Screen and Sound (Australia).


Heroic Imagination Project  spearheaded by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, promotes heroism education and training worldwide

Cyberhero League  is the first augmented reality gaming adventure to enable kids to tackle global challenges. Players are awards points, which are translated to real world donations to partnering nonprofit organization. Location-based bonuses send players on quests to museums, parks, and special events to support community engagement. As they play, kids learn that the Internet can be a force for good. 

Dana Klisanin’s website with links to additional research and on-going projects

Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc. creative think tank engaging in transdisciplinary research and design

Heroism in the Networked Society explores the impact of the Internet and Cloud computing on heroism, published in the Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership

Collaborative Heroism: An empirical investigation looks at the public’s perception of the impact of the Internet on heroism via assessment of a sample population through a process of item generation, sampling, and principal component analysis, suggesting that heroism is becoming a collective behavior involving increasing levels of collaboration, published in International Advances in Heroism Science.

The Hero and the Internet: Exploring the emergence of the Cyberhero Archetype investigates the way the Internet is impacting mythic constructs, for example, heroic archetypes. 

Twitter:  @danaklisanin & @cyberheroleague 


'Stealing Fire' is the book by Kotler and Wheal which explores ways in which we can 'hack' the flow state. The website for the book is here

The Lucia Light experience is a non-substance based way of stimulating transcendental states by triggering the body's natural production of DMT in the pineal gland. You can learn more about it here

Ubiquity University offers a radical new way of approaching education - explore their framework here

Games for Change is a great site that showcases digital games, designed to have social impact on humanitarian issues - here they are

Avaaz is currently the most powerful online campaigning site to organise citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Learn about them here

Andy Fisher