Episode 019 - Shaniqua Benjamin & 'Young People Insight'

Shaniqua Benjamin is a writer, blogger and youth leader who is based in Croydon, South London. She is the creator of 'Young People Insight’, which is a platform through which she and her community can engage in critical conversations around education, violence and knife crime, mental health and other challenges she and her peers wrestle with every day. Despite the sometimes bleak cultural landscape of postmodern Britain, Shaniqua’s message is one of hope and empowerment.


You can find the website for 'Young People Insight' here

And here is the short film that Shaniqua referred to in the interview: 'What Would You say?'

Finally, here are the various social media links you can use to follow 'Young People Insight':

Twitter: @YPInsight

Instagram: @youngpeopleinsight

Facebook: Young People Insight

YouTube: Young People Insight

Andy Fisher