Episode 018 - Justin Wren

Justin Wren is a heavyweight mixed martial artist who has fought in both the UFC and now for Bellatore, his explosive style and lion-hearted approach to his matches earning him a loyal following. However, it is Justin's work in the heart of the Congo to end slavery and bring clean water and agriculture to the tribes living there, that makes him such an extraordinary role model. His mission to bring lasting change to a once forgotten people, is one based on faith and fortitude - and he's only just getting started!


You can find out more about Justin's work with water4.org here

You can pick up an 'Eco Survivor' lantern, with 50% of the proceeds going to Justin's work, here

Pacha Soap, another company supporting the water crisis aid, can be found here

Pick up a copy of Justin's book 'Fight for the Forgotten' here

And finally, if you'd like to make a donation to 'The Hero Forge Burpee Challenge', all sponsorship going to the vital work of Water4.org then please head here


Andy Fisher