Episode 020 - Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric is a social philosopher and is the author of a number of bestselling books which have been translated into more than 20 languages. He is the founder of the world’s first ‘Empathy Museum’ and a digital ‘Empathy Library’. Roman has been a Human Rights campaigner and most recently he’s published a compelling study of Horace’s sage advice that we should seize the day, entitled ‘Carpe Diem Regained’.


You can find Roman's 'Empathy Museum' here

This link will take you to the 'Empathy Library'

Here is an online copy of Forster's 'The Machine Stops' - an amazingly prescient Sci-Fi short story, written back in 1909!

This link will take you to Amazon where you can pick up a copy of Roman's wonderful book 'Carpe Diem Regained'

Finally, here is a link to the book 'Buddhism Without Beliefs' by Stephen Batchelor

Andy Fisher