Episode 022 - Sally Kettle

Sally Kettle is an adventurer, author and ambassador for the Girl Guide movement. She has rowed the Atlantic Ocean not once but twice, she has crossed the Pyrenees in the footsteps of wartime heroine  Nancy Wake and has served as a first responder following the 2010 earthquake in Sumatra. Sally is certainly an inspirational figure, but her most impressive quality is not her tenacity or feats of endurance, but her authenticity and insistence that she presents herself as a real and flawed human being, rather than an airbrushed role model.


You can find Sally's website here

This link will take you to Shelterbox - the innovative relief aid programme that Sally was involved with in Sumatra

Here are details for the 'Clipper Round the World Race' that Sally took part it.

Finally, you can follow this link to find out more about Nancy Wake, the SOE heroine in whose footsteps Sally followed deep into the Pyrennes

Andy Fisher