Episode 026 - Elaine Kinsella

Elaine Kinsella is a scholar based at the University of Limerick in the heart of the Emerald Isle. There, she has been involved in key research around the renaissance of heroism and has authored or co-authored some of the key papers which are helping us to navigate our way through this complex and fascinating area of study.


Elaine is a member of the Centre for Social Issues Research and lead researcher at the RISE (Research on Influence, Social Networks and Ethics) lab http://www.risetoresearch.com at UL. 

Her university web profile is here: http://www.ul.ie/psychology/staff/elaine-l-Kinsella and has all her contact details.

Elaine, along with Dr. Eric. Igou will be hosting the Heroism Science conference at UL, Ireland in 2020. Here is the link to the Heroism Science webpage: https://heroismscience.wordpress.com

The Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership is available to buy and a great place to start reading modern academic work about heroism: https://www.routledge.com/Handbook-of-Heroism-and-Heroic-Leadership/Allison-Goethals-Kramer/p/book/9781138915657

Elaine is part of the Editorial Board for Heroism Science, a new peer-refereed open source research journal which aims to promote global connections in heroism science theory, research and application, and the appreciation of heroism from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, to researchers and the broader community. The link to the journal is here: https://heroismscience.wordpress.com/journal/guidelines-for-contributing-authors/ The board encourage scholars to submit their work on topics relating to heroism - perhaps you could be one of those published in the next edition!

Finally, here are some links to downloadable PDFs of some of Elaine's work which she has kindly agreed to share with 'The Hero Forge' community:

1) Lay Perspectives on the Social and Psychological Functions of Heroes

2) Zeroing in on Heroes: A Prototype Analysis of Hero Features

3) Attributes and Applications of Heroes: A Brief History of Lay and Academic Perspectives 

4) Heroism and the Pursuit of a Meaningful Life

Andy Fisher