Episode 028 - Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the little understood phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming. With more than 30 years personal experience as a lucid dreamer himself, Robert has consulted and presented at a plethora of conferences and institutions and has authored some of the best selling and most respected books on the subject. In this conversation we explore just what it means to experience lucidity and the implication for heroes-in-training.


You can find your way to Robert's website using this link: Lucid Advice

For UK listeners, here is a link to Robert's Amazon author page

And here is the Amazon.com link for those tuning in from further afield

This link will take you to LD4all - a forum for lucid dreamers which offers plenty of advice and guidance.

This will take you to some of Stephen LaBerge's work at the Lucidity Institute

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