Episode 031 - Caroline Paul

The advice often given to budding writers is that they should write about what they know. In Caroline Paul’s case, that would fill a bookcase and every volume would be well worth reading! She was the 15th woman to break into the male-dominated world of the San Francisco Fire Department where she served for 13 1/2 years. She has dodged death while paragliding in Brazil, she’s climbed Mount Denali, white water rafted in one of the remotest parts of Siberia and sea kayaked around the islands of Croatia. Caroline has chased world records, Olympic medals and has broken onto the NY Times bestseller list with her most recent book - ‘The Gutsy Girl’.


You can learn more about Caroline at her website here

You can check out Wendy's wonderful illustrations here

And this article on BrainPickings offers a great taster of 'The Gutsy Girl' and why you should buy several copies today (you'll want to gift them to all your friends, but make sure you keep one for yourself!).

Andy Fisher