Episode 036 - John Graham (part 1)

John Graham, along with his wife Ann Medlock have run the ‘Giraffe Heroes Project’ for more than three decades, honouring and celebrating everyday people who have stuck their neck out for the greater good. John has also lived a rich and varied life which began when he served on a freighter across the Pacific at just 16. He was part of the only successful expedition to date to climb the north face of Mt. McKinley, reported on the conflicts in Libya and Vietnam for the Boston Globe and then went on to serve a distinguished career in the US Foreign Service. In this interview we talk about all this and more.


You can find John's personal website here

The Giraffe Heroes Project which offers a feat of inspiring material and resources, can be accessed here.

If you'd like to read 'Stick Your Neck Out' ahead of next week's interview with John all about this pragmatic guide to making a difference in the world you can access the Amazon UK copy here or the Amazon.com version here

Andy Fisher