Episode 039 - Rohan Gunatillake

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Rohan Gunithilike is a mindfulness expert. He is the author of ‘This is Happening’ and the best-selling ‘Buddhify’ app. Rohan has a unique perspective on mindfulness, arguing that rather than having to unplug in order to become present, our meditation practice should become fully integrated into our daily lives; a walk to the bus stop, checking our Twitter feed or washing up can all provide opportunities to become present and more attuned to the here and now. In this interview we unpick his approach to meditation and how it can serve everyday heroes in training.


You can find more out about Rohan's work at his website here

You can explore the best-selling app, Buddhify, here

Rohan's book 'This is Happening' is available for UK listeners, the Amazon.co.uk link is here

In the US, the book is entitled 'Modern Mindfulness' and you can find the Amazon link here

Andy Fisher