Special Episode: Patrick McKeown

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Patrick McKeown is the author of ‘The Oxygen Advantage’ and is a researcher and coach at the cutting edge of optimal breathing strategies. He works with world class athletes as well as everyday people, using simple exercises to help them to correct dysfunctional breathing patterns which can result in life-changing health and fitness benefits.


You can find out more about Patrick's work over at his website, where you will also find details about the masterclass seminars he will be running in 2017 / 2018:

Galway - 7th October

London - 14th October

Sydney - 11th November

New York - 14th February

Portland - 14th March

London, Ontario - 18th August

You can find Ben Greenfield's excellent deep dive into the physiology and neurochemistry behind Patrick's work over at his homepage here

And finally, here is another interview with Patrick, hosted by the incomparable Brian Johnson

Andy Fisher