Episode 046 - FEAR


In this first podcast of 2018, Dan Edwardes (CEO Parkour Generations) and I mine down into our relationship with Fear. What is fear? Should we seek to become fearless or is there a way in which we can work with our fear to become better versions of ourselves?

Whether you are a first responder, a member of the military or law enforcement, an athlete or simply a human being trying to navigate the complexities of life, the chances are that fear is something you come up against on a regular basis. In this episode we look unflinchingly at what is too often a taboo subject - welcome to a whole new year!


During our conversation, on several occasions, we refer to the excellent recent release 'The Art of Fear' by Kristen Ulmer which you can find here if you are in the UK, or here if you use Amazon.com

I also mentioned the Hero Roundtable conference which will be taking place in San Francisco on 21/22nd April this year (2018) - you can find out more about that inspiring event here.

Andy Fisher