Episode 052 - Matt Langdon (Hero Roundtable)


Not many of our listeners will probably know this trivial fact but I paid my way through university by working as a close-up magician and as such I spent a lot of time with playing cards. I mention this only because this is episode 52 of ‘The Hero Forge’ and so this conversation completes my deck of heroes and those working in heroic training.

It seems somewhat fitting therefore that for the first time since the launch of this show, I have a returning guest. This gentleman was the first person I interviewed back in March - in fact on March 5th 2017 and today is precisely 15 months on, today being 5th May 2018. I am talking of course about Founder and CEO of the Hero Roundtable and the Hero Construction Company - Matt Langdon.


You can find out more about the Hero Roundtable here

And you can pick up a copy of Edith Eger's amazing book 'The Choice' here if you are in the UK or here on Amazon.com

Andy Fisher