The Book

We are delighted to announce the publication of the much-anticipated book - 'The Hero Forge' by Andy Fisher. This 296 page text is a must-read for anyone interested in transformative practice and making a difference in the world. Below you will find images of the cover art, early praise for the book and you can read some excerpts over on the blog.

Hard copy

You can buy a paperback copy of the book directly from the distributors ( by clicking this link

The book will also be available in hard copy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

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"Thank you, Andy Fisher for creating a well-needed and passionate resource for the inner hero in us all."

James Catto (author of ‘Insanely Gifted’)


"Friedrich Nietzsche beautifully spoke of "the hero hidden in your soul." In The Hero Forge, Andy Fisher provides a blueprint for freeing and empowering our inner hero. Far from being some childish fantasy, this process is about becoming more effective, living with greater integrity, and ultimately embodying the person we wish to be in our ideals. This journey is one for every man, woman, and child who wants to live a meaningful existence. No one can travel the path for us, but Andy Fisher does a great of job guiding us along the way."

Daniele Bolelli (Host of ‘The Drunken Taoist Podcast’ & author of ‘Not Afraid’)


"Andy Fisher has produced a must-read on heroism. 'The Hero Forge' packs a punch with insights and tips, and quite frankly I'm annoyed that he didn't produce this years ago! This is precisely the sort of read that I needed in my youth and, if I had had his wealth of knowledge at my hands then, the road I've since travelled would have been that much smoother. As ever, Andy Fisher proves his worth, time and time again. Do expect to hear my voice shouting across the rooftops, exhorting the hero-sized nuggets of gold strewn throughout 'The Hero Forge'."

Marcus Alexander (Puffin Author & Speaker)


‘A practical guide to making a difference - a timely book for a world in need of more heroes.’

Dan Edwardes (Founder of Parkour Generations)